Ask NASA Climate | April 18, 2012, 17:00 PDT

Party time in roach city

A cartoonist's view of global warming

Cartoon about roaches and climate change

Martin Davidian
Martin Davidian
Martin Davidian is a sophomore Art and Film major at Glendale Community College.

The editors of NASA's Global Climate Change website asked Martin to provide a blog entry about his perceptions of climate change and global warming. Since Martin is a visual artist, he's chosen to express his ideas in visual form, along with a few sentences explaining his thoughts about the artwork.

It is a weird combination to mix art with science, however that doesn't mean it isn't fun. Coming from an artistic background with no particular interest in science, becoming a cartoonist for climate change at JPL was a sudden turn.

I'm surprised to find out that science can be fun if you look at it from your own perspective.

I call this drawing "Climate Change Is Happening." The idea for this cartoon came during my oceanography class when we were joking about how climate change is bad for humans, but not necessarily for all life on Earth. Some species might benefit, such as roaches, which are a real nasty piece of work. For them, climate change might be one big party.