Ask NASA Climate | January 27, 2010, 16:00 PST

Mission to Planet Earth

Our new climate kids’ site off with a bang!

Kids site

Climate change can be a daunting topic for most adults to grasp, let alone kids. That’s why we’ve just launched the kids’ version of our website, called “Climate Kids”, to help.

The site, which is geared towards students in grades 4 through 6, is, like our parent Global Climate Change website, rich in visuals and multimedia that help convey the science behind climate change. Ever wondered what a water balloon can teach us about climate change? Maybe not, but the kids’ site will tell you more. There’s also a “Climate Time Machine” that travels back and forth in time, illustrating the different climate change that has gone on in years gone by, and games such as “Go Green” and “Wild Weather Adventure”. The website endeavors to answer some of the big questions related to climate change, in a kid-friendly way.

Kids are the future. The planet is theirs. Hopefully our website can shine a little light on how our planet is changing and what their future might hold. You can find the kids' site linked from our home page.