All the submissions are in and the votes from the NASA team of writers, video producers and communicators – Chief Scientist Waleed Abdalati even took the time to weigh in – have been tallied. We're pleased to present the winning entry, from Fiona Conn, in NASA's Earth Day Video Contest. Her moving video captures what makes Earth stand apart from the infinite cosmos that is NASA's mission to explore – what makes Earth our "Home Frontier."

We would be remiss not to bring attention to the entries that came in second and third in our voting – and to all the great videos. One of the reasons to hold a contest like this is to see the unexpected interpretations from people outside of NASA. The videos submitted provided plenty, from great use of the Voyager golden record soundtrack to hand-painted intro and outro credits on one video. Check out the entire range of entries in this playlist of all the submissions:

And below are the honorable mentions, from Lewie Kloster (top) and Colin Stapp (bottom).

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to take part in this! It was a privilege to see your inspiring takes on NASA's Earth science mission.