Mockup example of Facebook post with a picture of four young men in an office holding a sign that says "I'm a NASAEarthling from Victor Valley College. I love my planet. Earth Day"
Life on Earth is chaotic, complex, and endlessly beautiful.

While NASA tirelessly looks outward searching for life among the stars, we also study our own planet for lessons on understanding life here and in the universe. Earth is home to a breathable atmosphere, a water cycle, frozen ice caps, and rich ecosystems teeming with microbes, plants, and animals. It’s also home to us, 7.9 billion humans.

Connect with us this Earth Day on April 22 by posting on social media an image of yourself, your pets, your favorite place, or even just text and tagging it with #NASAEarthling to show off what makes life on our planet truly special – you.

Mockup example of mobile Instagram digital picture of a woman and cat decorated with emoji and text that says "NASAEarthling I love my planet. Fort Worth, Texas"
A mockup example of an Instagram social media post for Earth Day 2022.

We even have a simple sign to print out or display on your mobile device to tell the world: “I’m a #NASAEarthling from [your place] and I love my planet.”

You can use this template for your photo or decorate your digital image with text and emojis, and if you want, share your general location (state, province, country).

On Earth Day, our collective images will show the stunning breadth and variety of life that persists, survives, and thrives right here on Earth.

Download a template in English, French, or Spanish.