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Announcing NASA/JPL Climate Day 2016

A free, climate education event for Los Angeles area middle and high school students

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NASA Climate Day and Climate Day Events

Global climate change is a significant phenomenon that humans have impacted to varying degrees. It continues to be a hot topic scientifically, politically, and socially, and people of all ages and socioeconomic levels are being affected by the results of debates being played out everyday about this issue. For the general public to be able to address the topic and make informed decisions and choices, they must be able to separate fact from fiction and should understand their individual role in global change.

In 2008, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory envisioned and hosted the first Climate Day event, targeting schools and communities to educate and raise awareness of climate change. The goal was to provide the latest scientific climate research and to share NASA's contributions to the body of knowledge on this topic.

In 2010, NASA funded a multi-center proposal to develop a 3-year, nation-wide NASA Climate Day program consisting of a 3-pronged approach to improving climate literacy in the United States. Climate Day events were held across the nation, either as individually distinct events, or in conjunction with other Earth science formal and informal education events. These events were implemented through a network of carefully selected and trained Earth Ambassadors who had access to an electronic Climate Day "Kit" comprised of NASA resources related directly to climate science and suitable for education and public outreach on climate and climate change.

Since 2008, JPL with its collaborators has continued to host Climate Day events, engaging hundreds of educators and thousands of students. The goal is still to aid in the understanding of global change and our individual roles, and to highlight the important contributions that NASA makes to an increased knowledge about this critical issue.