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Energy Essentials

Energy. What do we really know about it? Where does the energy we use come from? How does energy flow through the systems of our planet? How is our energy consumption changing our climate? Who uses the most energy?

In celebration of Earth Science Week’s 2010 theme, “Exploring Energy,” NASA presents a multimedia gallery that helps answer some of these questions. The images, data visualizations, animations and videos in this gallery highlight how NASA satellite data and research help us better understand how much is reaching Earth from the sun, how it’s distributed across the Earth, where humans are tapping into that energy, and the many ways in which our energy use is transforming our planet.

For more multimedia resources on energy and other topics, search the Scientific Visualization Studio.

Energy Everywhere

Electromagnetic Spectrum
Ice Albedo: Bright White Reflects Light
Remote Sensing Conceptual Animation
Hurricanes as Heat Engines
A Tour of the Water Cycle
The Carbon Cycle

Energy from the Sun

Earth's Energy Budget Animations: Global View and Budget Breakout
Solar Irradiance (WMS)
Striking a Solar Balance

Energy Harnessed by Humans

Science For a Hungry World: Introduction
Sea Surface Temperature, Salinity and Density

The Fossil Fuel/Climate Change Connection

Greenhouse Gases Effect on Global Warming
Five-Year Average Global Temperature Anomalies from 1881 to 2009
Aqua/AIRS Global Carbon Dioxide
AMSR-E Arctic Sea Ice: September 2009 to March 2010
Exploring Ozone

Who Consumes More Energy?

Earth At Night (WMS)
Global Transport of Black Carbon
Ship Tracks Reveal Pollution's Effects on Clouds
Three Months of Oil: Satellites View Gulf Oil Spill
Fire Observations - As the World Turns
MODIS Data May Aid EPA Air Quality Predictions (Tight)