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Land. Water. Fire. Ice. These four elements are some of the most basic ingredients that make up planet Earth. Earth Day is the perfect occasion to admire the magnificent spectacle of our stunning home planet from the perspective of space.
Viedma Glacier, Argentina, April 2006
Patagonia Glacier, Chile, May 2000 West Fjords, Iceland, June 2000 Alps, Innsbruck, Austria/Italy, Winter/Spring 1999 Greenland Coast, September 2000 Heiltskuk Icefield, British Columbia, Canada, August 2009 Bhutan Himalayas, November 2001 McMurdo Dry Valley, Antarctica, 2002 Upsala Glacier, Argentina, October 2009 Malaspina Glacier, Alaska, August 2000 Amundsen Gulf, Northern Canada, 2001 Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica, February 2000
Lake Eyre, South Australia, Australia, December 1990
Sandy Desert, Eastern Chad, October 1992 Finney County, Kansas, June 2001 Erg Oriental, Algeria, September 2006 The Nile Delta, Egypt, June 2002 Uralsk, Kazakhstan, May 2005 Terkezi Oasis, Chad, October 2000 Cerros Colorados Reservoir, Argentina, March 1990 Okavango Delta and Swamp, Botswana, August 1985 Betsiboka River Floods, Madagascar, January 2009 Lop Nur (Salt Lake), China,  September 1992 Horn of Africa, Somalia, May 1993
Noumea, New Caledonia's Main City, September 2003
Crater Lake, Oregon, Jul 2006 Atafu Atoll, Tokelau, Southern Pacific Ocean, January 2009 Cumulonimbus Cloud over Africa, February 2008 Lena Delta, Russia, July 2000 Ocean Dynamics, Sea of Crete, November 1985 Hurricane Elena, Gulf of Mexico, September 1985 Simushir Island, Kuril Archipelago, Russian Far East, September 2007 Mouths of the Irrawaddy River, Burma (Myanmar), November 1985 Karman Vortices over Alexander Selkirk Island, Pacific Ocean, September 1999 International Space Station from Space Shuttle Endeavour, August 2007 Internal Waves, Baja Peninsula, Mexico, October 1994
Sarychev Peak Eruption, Kuril Islands, June 2009
Oil Well Fires and Smoke, Kuwait, April 1991 Ash and Steam Plume, Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat, October 2009 The Arnica Fire, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, September 2009 Tambora Volcano, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia, May 1992 Cleveland Volcano Eruption, Aleutian Islands, May 2006 Aurora Australis, Southern (Polar) Lights, April 2003 Forest Fire, Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana, January 2006 Cosiguina Volcano, Nicaragua, November 2007 Well-head Flare, Calanscio Sand Sea, Libya, August 2002 Forest Fire, Gallatin National Forest, Montana, August 2007 Volcanic Mudflow. Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand, March 2007
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